Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Take Your Boyfriend To Work (and make him work) Day

CRG joined me this morning on an assignment covering the opening of a traveling September 11 exhibit. He recorded audio for a slideshow that you can see here.

It includes a local bagpiper (that dude is EVERYWHERE) and two girls singing "I'm Proud To Be An American." The song isn't the best performance you'll ever hear, but as CRG points out, it's better than listening to Lee Greenwood. The girls didn't know all of the words and one of them sang "where at least they know my name" instead of "where at least they know I'm free." I don't know how she got so confused because she seems too young to be a fan of Cheers.

That's him clowning around with my Zoom recorder.

He looks a tad more professional in this shot.

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Lori & Brian said...

A fan of Cheers? You're funny.

Do you think I should have a "Take your hubby to work day" and make Brian edit proofs?